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“We are a locally family owned and operated business that has been serving its customers since 2009.”
About Us

Locally owned family operated business.

Our customers satisfaction is our priority
as we strive to provide a service we are proud of.

Rosehill Garden Center is a locally owned and operated family business. Located in Tomball Texas, and serving the greater Houston area since 2009. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customer are completely satisfied with the result of their projects. We have anything from plants, shrubs, flowers, garden tools, mulch, soil and much more. Everything you need to beautify your landscape at an affordable price and exceptional quality. We offer a variety of beautiful and colorful flowers for you to choose from and also tropical plants for your garden or home. We carry plants such as cactuses, and ferns, perfect plants for our hanging plant baskets. Hanging baskets can be perfect way to display your plants in your yard or in your home to create a peaceful ambience. If they aren’t your style we also have many styles of ceramic pottery for you to choose from to fit your garden. Another great way to customize your garden is to add some rustic signs or décor. We have all types of signs for many types of styles that we are sure you will love. There is nothing better than a beautiful personalized garden or yard to kick back and relax in. We want nothing more than to help you get the perfect vibe for your happy place.

Soil and mulch are two other items we offer at Rosehill Garden Center. Good soil for your plants should be rich with nutrients so your plant has an abundant food supply. This helps support its healthy development so it can flourish! Some soils lack the essential nutrients required which means plants have trouble reaching their full potential. We never want that to happen! That is why we make it easy for you and provide all the tools necessary for your plants to thrive! Mulch is another important product for every outdoor garden. Mulch is an excellent way to ensure your plants and flowerbeds receive the nutrients they require to grow big and beautiful. Mulch is able to do so by replenishing the soil as it decomposes and helps reduce any soil erosion or soil compaction. It also helps maintain optimal soil levels by creating a barrier from varying temperatures. Additional support it provides is its ability to prevent weeds from sprouting up around your garden which I think we can all agree is very necessary!

Here at Rosehill Garden Center you can find anything you need to start your garden or to beautify it. We look forward to helping you with any questions or advice you may need. Your satisfaction is our priority as we strive to provide a service that we are proud of. Please visit Rosehill Garden Center today!


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Everything You Need to Beautify Your Landscape

Quality Gardening Tools and Mulch and so mulch more!

Covering All Your Needs

Covering All Your Needs

We have a vast selection of plant fertilizer for sale that is both organic and naturally derived.

  •  Tropical plants, flowers, shrubs, cactus
  •  Soil & Mulch
  •  Hanging baskets
Covering All Your Needs

Covering All Your Needs

We provide wide range of commercial and residential Landscaping services.
  •  Mexican Fan Palm
  •  Mediterrean Palm
  •  Pindo Palm
  •  Texas Sabal
  •  Medjool Date Palm
  •  Canary Date
  •  Mexican Grass Tree
  •  Florida Sabal
  •  Ribbon Palm
  •  Chinese Fan Palm
  •  Phoenix Sylvestris
  •  Spanish Dagger
Covering All Your Needs

Covering All Your Needs

We specialize in South Texas Palm Tree landscaping. We'll help you turn your backyard pool area into a Tropical Paradise!

  •  Palm Tree Installation
  •  Palm Tree Maintenance & Trimming
  •  Landscape Installation
Covering All Your Needs

Covering All Your Needs

We have your next home project covered. Any budget, any possibility. Come by today and see the Garden & Yard Decor

  •  Metal Art
  •  Rustic Decor
  •  Lawn Items & firewood
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Services Available

Landscape Design

We specialize in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes & businesses by creating eye catching landscape designs & outdoor living spaces. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result of your project at an affordable price with out ever compromising quality.

  • Landscape Installation
  • Landscape Cleanup & Removal
  • Planting & Mulching
  • Palm Tree Installation
  • Palm Tree Maintenance & Trimming